This beef is cut into cubes and is very good. Can also be done with mushrooms.


  • Vadella: I'm rabbit (the cut of beef called "rabbit"). I do the dice and half a centimeter wide, approx. Can also be done with "fringe neck" but remains soft with rabbit. What not to do is to mix the two types of beef, because each has its doneness. I'm about 150 grams per person.
  • 1 green pepper
  • 2 tomatoes
  • 2 onions
  • 3 carrots
  • a dash of cognac or brandy
  • some bouillon (broth may be some cooked vegetables, or maybe a steak Avecrem)
  • Patates (1 per person)


This dish is best to do it the day before (not potatoes).

Salem and pepper the meat. We can also add herbs of Provence.

Cut onion bits and fry on a high heat with meat in an earthenware dish. When the meat begins to brown add all the vegetables cut into pieces (except potatoes that leave for garnish). Carrots better not cut them so much fall apart. Add the cognac and a cup of broth.

Allow to roast two hours to simmer. There will be a fegint broth as it evaporates go. In an emergency we can add water. Stir occasionally.

The next day when missing or half an hour to go to the table:

Cut potatoes into cubes and fry 1cm.

Meanwhile, separate the meat and carrots, and reserve separately. All that remains to caçola, I went through the blender and make a sauce.

Take the patanagues and cut into slices 1cm. Replace the meat and carrots and caçola We cover it with the sauce. We heat about 15 minutes or until we think it's okay to go to the table. Just before serving it, add the potatoes on (or serve separate I do together or separately depending on the day I have).

There is no waistband that the vegetables to the sauce ... it tastes.

Bon profit!

Note: the photo has not been very nice ... I penasar make it far and this image corresponds to the remains of the roast ... (potatoes are ugly ...) when the back to change my picture and remove this note.