Salmon tataki marinated in sesame oil

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Salmon tataki marinated in sesame oil

Salmon Tataki is at a time and is very tasty. You can do as the picture or can be shaped dice and combine it with avocado serve as a drum. What I did last year and I decided to do it alone.

Ingredients for salmon tataki for four people:

  • A cut salmon for every two people.
  • Sesame oil.
  • Soy sauce (gluten in my case)
  • sesame
  • Wasabi
  • The juice of half a lemon

Preparing salmon tataki:

It can be made with fresh salmon or frozen salmon. I do it with frozen (generally, all the fish eaten raw, I do the previously frozen ... so I make sure there are no parasites and anything you might have, you're dead). So we remove the salmon from the freezer and leave for a while. When it begins to thaw it is time to cut it: take a serrated knife and cut into strips of a finger thick.

Contem unes 3 ó 4 tires per persona.

Posem les tires de salmó en un vol, hi afegim el suc de llimona, una mica de soja i l’oli de sèsam. Una mica de wasabi. Sal i i pebre segons calgui. Ho barregem amb compte vigilant de no trencar les tires de salmó.

Es reserva a la nevera fins que sigui el moment d’anar a taula.

A l’hora de servir, ho emplatem ho reguem amb el suc de marinar i ho decorem amb sèsam. En el de la foto, reconec que em vaig passar amb el sèsam… una mica menys està millor… tot i que el gust és molt bo. Hi vaig afegir wasabi a la decoració per si algú ho volia una mica més pujat de gust.

Bon profit!!

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Salmon tataki marinated in sesame oil
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