tataki de salmo

Salmon tataki marinated in sesame oil

Salmon Tataki is at a time and is very tasty. You can do as the picture or can be shaped dice and combine it with avocado serve as a drum. What I did last year and I decided to do it alone.

Salmon tataki marinated in sesame oil

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Tataki is one of the most popular Japanese cuisine elaborations internationally. The most common is to make the tataki with salmon or tuna. In addition, it is usually marinated with soy sauce and other traditional ingredients of Japanese cuisine.

Ingredients for Salmon Tataki

  • Salmon (one cut for every 2 people)

  • Sesame oil

  • Soy sauce

  • Sesame seeds

  • Wasabi

  • Half a lemon in juice

preparation for Salmon Tataki

  • It can be made with fresh salmon or frozen salmon. I do it with frozen (as a general rule, all the fish that is eaten raw, I pre-freeze it… so I make sure there are no parasites and that anything I could have is already dead).
  • We take the salmon out of the freezer and leave it for a while (1 hour approx.). When it starts to thaw, it's time to cut it: we take a saw knife and cut it into strips one finger thick. We have about 3 or 4 strips per person.
  • We put the salmon strips in a bowl, add the lemon juice, a little soy and sesame oil. A little wasabi. Salt and pepper as needed. We mix it carefully being careful not to break the salmon strips.
  • We reserve in the fridge until it's time to go to the table.
  • When serving, flatten and sprinkle with marinade juice and garnish with sesame seeds.


  • In the photo, I admit that I spent with sesame… a little less is better… although the taste is very good.
  • I added wasabi to the decor in case anyone wanted it a little more upscale.

Bon profit!!

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Salmon tataki marinated in sesame oil
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