For bechamel cannelloni

¿How to make a good bechamel to appraise a well-made cannelloni?

The bechamel sauce / bechamel (I think correctly is bechamelBecause it is the first documentation of a French chef named Bechamail) is a sauce base. That is, serves to create a lot of sauces, so it's worth knowing how to do it well and fast.

Ingredients per the bechamel sauce recepta:

  • Half onion (shallot better if a)
  • Farina
  • Milk (aproporció the flour / milk is more or less: a spoonful of flour per 200 cc of milk [for a glass of milk])
  • Mantega / oli
  • Nou Muscada
  • 1/2 tablet Avecrem chicken
  • will
  • Grated cheese gratin

Preparing bechamel sauce:

The base d'a bechamel FRAC is what they call a "roux", ie a mixture of flour and butter. When we in the "Catalan" replace the butter to olive oil, but even so it can keep half if you will. Before making roux, but I fried onion to taste the most bechamel. So begins the recipe as follows:

Piquem la ceba ben fina i la fem sofregir en oli / mantega, uns 10-15 minuts fins que quedi ben cuita, sense que es cremi o es torri massa. Quan la tinguem al punt desitjat, hi afegim la farina i la deixem torrar una mica. Llavors hi afegim la llet, la nou muscada, la mitja pastilla d’Avecrem i la sal (la que calgui segons el nostre gust). Ho remenem bé tota l’estona fins que quedi la salsa de la consitència que desitgem. Abans de treure-la del foc, jo hi afegeixo una miqueta de formatge del que després faré servir per gratinar. La ceba no la trec ni la colo… abans sí que ho passava tot per un colador xinès, ara, el cert és que ho faig amb una Termomix i tot queda tant ben picat que no cal colar res.

The secret of the Bechamel sauce consiteix en trobar el punt just de viscositat i de cocció. M’explico: si hi posem massa farina, llavors s’espesseix massa ràpid i podriem tenir la temptació de treure la salsa del foc quan la farina encara és crua. Si aquest és el cas, el que hem de fer es afegir més llet i seguir remenant amb la salsa al foc una estoneta més. La bechamel amb la farina incorporada, com a mínim hauria de coure 5 minuts.

If we are too light despite the time we've been cooking and stirring it, then it means missing flour. In this case, incorporate the sauce and stir it well. If you do not have Thermomix, you can with mixer. The point is that when adding the flour on the liquid surely lumps. We have two options: they beat well with mixer, or we take the sauce for a Chinese.

The new muscada is also important. Only we have to scratch a little above, but the truth is that changes very pleased if you put it or not it gets. Some people instead of nine muscada adds cinnamon ...

Once completed, we can use what we want:

  • Cannelloni with bechamel.
  • Flowering cabbage and gratin. Or any other vegetable.
  • A bikini gratin ... that is what the French call a "croque monsieur" ... or the version with a fried egg over it and then grilled, which is what they call a "croque madame."
  • Eggs "pocket" -> egg cooked in a pot with water, drained, placed on a slice of toasted bread, soaked in cream sauce and baked in the oven.
  • It can also be the basis for a ham croquettes, boiled or the pot roast I ... I made some the other day who were with the leftovers of chicken with crayfish, were delicious !! Anything that exceeds the kitchen can become croquette finished by adding a thick bechamel very consistent.

Well, that's it. As you can see, with a Bechamel sauce You can do a lot of good recipes and original.

Bon profit.