Rice Casserole

Quick and easy recipe that can be used to recycle the broth had some boiled vegetables. It is another version of the "survival of rice" we do at home.


  • Bomba rice (or carneroli) a handful per person.
  • Chicken wings.
  • Botifarretes.
  • Tomato, green pepper, a clove of garlic and onion.
  • Peas (or any vegetable you have)
  • Escalibada (or anything that exceeds the fridge)
  • Boil any vegetable broth (or water pill Avecrem).


We fry all the vegetables (except peas). Add the meat and cook it until it is nearly cooked and dauradeta.

Add the rice and leave a little toast. Add water (broth cook vegetables recycle) hot. Add the peas raw. We cook all together for 20 minutes you need rice. We go testing it and correcting the salt and you need to make it tasty.

It's done. A good rice made things left over from the fridge and a little chicken.

Bon profit!

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Rice Casserole
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