olives preserved

This recipe can cure olives (both green and ripe) and in this way to have them throughout the year.


  • Olives
  • Cooking salt
  • Thyme, savory, garlic, or herbs you wish
  • Oli d’oliva


The olives are harvested and are classified according to the type of oil and the maturity you have.

Wash well and put in a container filled with water. The water will take 15 days. Change the water every day.

After 15 days, you can put them in the final, along with herbs. Fill the jars with water and put a spoonful of salt each cooking pot (I'm talking to you about half a liter). We cover the top of the jar with olive oil to prevent flourish preserved (is that air does not touch the water of the olives).

Allow to rest for 30 days. As of 30 tested olives. If you are bitter, then leave 30 days (depending on the olives). If when the tests are OK, you can eat in peace.

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