dead_ olives

olives preserved dead

This recipe is made with black olives and remaining as photo: faded but very tasty. Olives are called dead.

No matter the type of oil is made, albeit with Arbequina not think that it is too well. The photo is Morruda and sevillenques.


  • Olives
  • A package of kitchen salt
  • Oli d’oliva
  • Herbs (savory, fennel, thyme ...)


We harvest the olives when they are ripe. The clean and well aixuguem clean with a cloth.

Put them on a tray and put in the freezer three or four days. The aim is to freeze them to kill them. Before you let the sun a few days, but it is faster to freeze them.

When they have gone three or four days, we remove from the freezer and cover with table salt. It can be done with salt too, but again, it goes faster if done quicker fine salt to absorb moisture from the oil.

The salt we covered 15 days.

Every two or three days remaining olives in order to effect the salt and the olive touches everywhere you go and dehydrating.

Past two weeks, take an oil, sprinkle salt you have, we spread the oil and tested. If it is good, is not bitter, then we can start canning. If you notice it's a little bitter, we leave a week.

We began canning:

Take the olives we remove the salt. Best if you do not have to get wet ... if we are just shaking them clean. In an emergency, we can go through water, but then we aixugar well with a cloth because we do not want hydrate again. We want well withered.

When we clean the olives, put them on a flight, add olive oil and herbs. Stir well.

Now we can put into tins, which we previously have drained and cleaned in the dishwasher either.

You can keep covered with oil and herbs (if we leave long preserved) or only with oil and greased inside a can, if we will use the next two or three months.

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