tart poma

Apple pie (cream, jam and apples)

This is an apple pie very easy to do though is a little long for elaboration. It has five parts: make the dough, make the compote, cream making, make apple jelly and finally put the apple layer and assemble the cake. Come on, let's go, the result is boníiiiiiissim!

Ingredients for the base:

  • 250 grams of flour
  • 100 g of Mantega
  • 6 tablespoons sugar
  • mica salt
  • 1 or
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 1 egg per paint the cake.

Ingredients for compote:

  • 1 Kg of pomes reineta.
  • 7 tablespoons of sugar.
  • The juice of 2 lemons (reserve the skin)

Ingredients for cream:

  • 2 ous
  • 150g sugar
  • 80 g of flour (or cornstarch or starch)
  • 1/2 liter of milk
  • The skin of half a lemon
  • 1 barrel of cinnamon

cake decoration:

  • 3 or 4 apples cut into wedges.

Fem base:

Put the flour on a flight, make a hole in the middle and we put a whole egg and one yolk (reserve the white to paint the cake at the end), add the butter at room temperature, and a pinch of salt sugar. We along with all hands to get everything mixed. If you amassed in excess, will be harder ... so you better not spend it just to make it uniform.

Let the dough ball, wrap with plastic film and store in the refrigerator for 1 hour.

We compote:

Peel pippin apples, cut them in pieces, put them in a jar with sugar and lemon juice (lemon juice gives it a touch of acid and when the apple does not rust and does not become black compote). We put it to cook until the apple is soft and have a jam. Cal remaining occasionally.

Let the cream:

While the compote is, we can get by burning.

In one wants to put eggs and beat well (batter with a double rod). Add sugar and beat until creamy it. Add the flour. Stir with whisk it well. It slowly incorporate the milk (which may be cold), add it and let it shake neat.

Put a pot on the fire and add the mixture, plus the lemon peel and cinnamon barrel. Stir from the start and be very careful because it is thicker immediately. Lower the heat when it begins to thicken and continue cooking and stirring it for 10 minutes (if not, it will taste raw cream). When it is ready, remove from the heat, remove the lemon and cinnamon and let cool.

Fem jelly poma:

Take compote, passing it through a sieve, and the liquid has to put under the fire and let it reduce a little thicker because it is the jelly ... we need to put apples on the cake at the end.

Assemble the tart apple

Untamed pan with butter and flour.

We remove the dough ball from the refrigerator and the extensive mold (we can do it with a roller crushing the ball between two films of plastic). We cover the entire mold and there should be no gap (or cream and jam escapes). Since cooking time the ingredients are different, we must first bake the base a little. So the cover with foil and put it on something heavier (about raw beans or chickpeas some ... [then be recycled quietly]), this is done because if not too swell within oven.

The bake at 180 degrees with the oven already hot. For 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, peel the apples that we have reserved for the decoration of the cake cut and shaped segments.

The mass removed from the oven (remove the foil and chickpeas :-) paint with the egg we booked. Thus the cake will not soften when we put the cream and jam. We put the cream (which must be cold [important!]) The extensive well with spatula. We put over the applesauce and flatten it well. Now we put the apple wedges, all very nice ... like the photo.

Bake it at 180 degrees hot oven for 45 minutes or until the surface of the cake is golden.

We remove from the oven and add the jelly over (if it has become too thick, reheat something we can). With a brush or distribute the above. And let cool.

Is finally finished !!!!!

It is a cake made long but easy. And the result is worth it. It is delicious and rich textures.

Farcellets escalivada

Rolls of aubergine and goat cheese

These rolls are perfect for a picnic or take them to go either invited to someone's home. It takes 10 minutes of preparation and 15 minutes of oven.

Ingredients for 12 rolls:

  • 1 bought pie dough made (can also be made with puff pastry)
  • Grilled vegetables (onions, peppers and eggplant)
  • Goat cheese for slicing
  • 2 tomatoes
  • 1 egg (for paint rolls)


Extensive mass and do much thinner than it originally, so we go 12 rolls (square are about 10 cm each).

Cut the tomatoes into thin slices, cut in thin strips and the roasted goat cheese cut into slices well.

Assemble the rolls:

Take a cube and we can paste a slice of tomato. Above we put some roasted (the dose will depend on how many have), and irrigate it with a little oil (salt not necessary because the goat cheese is already salty). Above the oil we put a slice of cheese. Close the bundle starting with the ends and fold them over each other in the center of the bundle.

To close the bundle was nice to have a glass with water and dip your fingers in it to fuse the ends where we folded.

Sometimes I put on a bundle of more goat cheese. This picture is not so, but I think it is better that it (the day the photo was in a hurry and I did).

Finally, the bundle is painted with a beaten egg to make it bright and s'enforma.

Oven to 200 degrees. 15 minutes. Vigilant not too roasting above. If we toasted it but it's been more than 10 minutes, you can cover with foil.

The parchment with the dough that envolcallada us to use it as the basis for the silver to go between the furnace and rolls. It does not stick at all and we need to protect the silver.

Bon profit!

sugar shells

Coca de Sucre

also called glass cake (Although the photo I were glass :-). the sugar shells are the ideal snack for a Saturday with the kids at home.

Ingredients of a one per 2 ó 3 sugar shells:

(mig kg de massa, aprox.)

  • 125 ml water
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon sugar dough
  • Sugar in abundance on the cake
  • 20 gr. Pressed yeast (the Bread)
  • 300 gr. of flour
  • some pine nuts
  • Anise


Rids yeast with slightly warm water (37 degrees) and becomes a dough with all ingredients except sugar, anise and nuts, which serve for the decoration.

Meets fine paste obtained. If it is too light and can not work, add flour. If we stick to the hands but too consistency is good, we can grease your hands with oil (I unto marble and oil m'unto hands).

If you have a machine that pasta along much better, just 3 minutes ... if we do not, then we have to work well in hand at least take five minutes.

When we have a fine dough, we make cakes very thin.

Let stand one hour cakes.

Far hour, turn on the oven to 225 degrees and go over the form of cakes, if they have gone too, we lower the ... if we see something that we can stretch, the stretch. The more thin and crispy remain more good will.

We start decorating cakes with sugar and nuts.

They are also good if and glazed before putting sugar in the cake, the paint with water or water and anise. We can also add anise sugar once we are over it, but it costs more.

So when we bake oven to the right temperature.

We constantly monitor the oven, because in less than 10 minutes we toast cakes. The desenfornarem the point when they want.

How les sugar shells cakes are dried, stored either two or three days if we keep in places with no humidity.

Bon profit.


For bechamel cannelloni

¿How to make a good bechamel to appraise a well-made cannelloni?

The bechamel sauce / bechamel (I think correctly is bechamelBecause it is the first documentation of a French chef named Bechamail) is a sauce base. That is, serves to create a lot of sauces, so it's worth knowing how to do it well and fast.

Ingredients per the bechamel sauce recepta:

  • Half onion (shallot better if a)
  • Farina
  • Milk (aproporció the flour / milk is more or less: a spoonful of flour per 200 cc of milk [for a glass of milk])
  • Mantega / oli
  • Nou Muscada
  • 1/2 tablet Avecrem chicken
  • will
  • Grated cheese gratin

Preparing bechamel sauce:

The base d'a bechamel FRAC is what they call a "roux", ie a mixture of flour and butter. When we in the "Catalan" replace the butter to olive oil, but even so it can keep half if you will. Before making roux, but I fried onion to taste the most bechamel. So begins the recipe as follows:

Piquem la ceba ben fina i la fem sofregir en oli / mantega, uns 10-15 minuts fins que quedi ben cuita, sense que es cremi o es torri massa. Quan la tinguem al punt desitjat, hi afegim la farina i la deixem torrar una mica. Llavors hi afegim la llet, la nou muscada, la mitja pastilla d’Avecrem i la sal (la que calgui segons el nostre gust). Ho remenem bé tota l’estona fins que quedi la salsa de la consitència que desitgem. Abans de treure-la del foc, jo hi afegeixo una miqueta de formatge del que després faré servir per gratinar. La ceba no la trec ni la colo… abans sí que ho passava tot per un colador xinès, ara, el cert és que ho faig amb una Termomix i tot queda tant ben picat que no cal colar res.

The secret of the Bechamel sauce consiteix en trobar el punt just de viscositat i de cocció. M’explico: si hi posem massa farina, llavors s’espesseix massa ràpid i podriem tenir la temptació de treure la salsa del foc quan la farina encara és crua. Si aquest és el cas, el que hem de fer es afegir més llet i seguir remenant amb la salsa al foc una estoneta més. La bechamel amb la farina incorporada, com a mínim hauria de coure 5 minuts.

If we are too light despite the time we've been cooking and stirring it, then it means missing flour. In this case, incorporate the sauce and stir it well. If you do not have Thermomix, you can with mixer. The point is that when adding the flour on the liquid surely lumps. We have two options: they beat well with mixer, or we take the sauce for a Chinese.

The new muscada is also important. Only we have to scratch a little above, but the truth is that changes very pleased if you put it or not it gets. Some people instead of nine muscada adds cinnamon ...

Once completed, we can use what we want:

  • Cannelloni with bechamel.
  • Flowering cabbage and gratin. Or any other vegetable.
  • A bikini gratin ... that is what the French call a "croque monsieur" ... or the version with a fried egg over it and then grilled, which is what they call a "croque madame."
  • Eggs "pocket" -> egg cooked in a pot with water, drained, placed on a slice of toasted bread, soaked in cream sauce and baked in the oven.
  • It can also be the basis for a ham croquettes, boiled or the pot roast I ... I made some the other day who were with the leftovers of chicken with crayfish, were delicious !! Anything that exceeds the kitchen can become croquette finished by adding a thick bechamel very consistent.

Well, that's it. As you can see, with a Bechamel sauce You can do a lot of good recipes and original.

Bon profit.


Soup ceba

This soup is very easy to do, which leads to make changes and making warm. Ideal for winter.


  • One onion per person (recipe we will for four people).
  • 2 ou hard.
  • 4 slices of bread
  • Grated cheese melts
  • A broth of something (vegetable, chicken, Avecrem .... What you have on hand)
  • Un gra d’all.
  • A cullaradeta de flour.
  • A mica brandy.
  • Mantega i oli
  • Salt, pepper, thyme and a little (very little).

Recipe for onion soup:

Cut the onions in thin slices (the slicer cold cuts). Chop the garlic sold Finet. Fry onions and garlic in a mixture of butter and oil (the fancesos do only with butter ... so if you want to have a taste more "French" we can do it with just butter). We salt and pepper it. We let them simmer.

When we think that is already quite cooked onion, add the tablespoon of flour and brandy. Stir well and let it evaporate a little brandy.

Onions better if you are sweet ... but if not, nothing happens, we can add a bit of sugar (just a pinch).

Add the broth and boil it.

Meanwhile, cut into small cubes hard-boiled eggs (sometimes can be breaking an egg every terrine and cook inside like a "or poached"I do not like I normally do it with boiled egg). Add the broth.

When boiled a little (about 5 minutes), remove it from the heat and put it in tubs. Add a slice of toast on (the onion soup today, the photo, I did not put a slice and there is bread crust cut into pieces) and cover with grated cheese melts. Grill it we take a moment to color.

It's done. It can be served. If containers are mud (like photo) takes a while to cool ... so be careful not to scald yourself.

Bon profit.


Lemon chicken

Catalan version of "Chicken Beijing" Chinese restaurants. Delicious, as usual with occasional exotic taste.


  • Chicken (boneless by contracuixa just been a person)
  • 2 lemons.
  • Sugar.
  • Farina (d’arròs si en tenim [fusion_builder_container hundred_percent=”yes” overflow=”visible”][fusion_builder_row][fusion_builder_column type=”1_1″ background_position=”left top” background_color=”” border_size=”” border_color=”” border_style=”solid” spacing=”yes” background_image=”” background_repeat=”no-repeat” padding=”” margin_top=”0px” margin_bottom=”0px” class=”” id=”” animation_type=”” animation_speed=”0.3″ animation_direction=”left” hide_on_mobile=”no” center_content=”no” min_height=”none”][jo sí que en tenia el dia de la foto]).
  • Baking powder
  • 1 will have primed.
  • Rice (Thai rice flavored better if ... the photo was pumped [Our rice])
  • Salt, oil, pepper and if we give it an exotic touch, a little ginger.


Rice (rice because we start with is what it takes to become):

On the photo I fry some onion, I add the rice, lightly salted water, and I boil 20 minutes. Once cooked, drain and I I booked it to the flames.

The fried chicken:

As if we nugets. Cut the chicken in pieces the size that fit well and plastered with a paste made of flour, water, a little baking powder and salt. The consistency should be doughy. Nugets the gilded sides, and reserve on a paper towel to drain excess oil.

The sauce:

In the same pan where we have fried chicken, there we remove excess oil there, add a spoonful of flour, we roasted a bit, add the juice of two lemons and a teaspoon of sugar. We love to stir the sauce (about 2 to 3 minutes). If you have ginger powder, now is the time to put it, if you do not have lumps happens res.Si sauce, just to put it on the plate pass through a sieve. We can finish the tie in a food processor.

We can correct the acid lemon varying the amount of sugar.

The consistency of the sauce can be corrected with longer fire (water evaporates) and adding more lemon or a little water (if it is too thick).


In a bowl put the bits of chicken and rice pudding. We water them with the sauce. We decorate with bits of onion tender.

That's it! Less than half an hour and is a delicious dish that loves children.



Melon Cream

Typical going to take a melon that has no taste at all and nobody wants dessert.


  • 1 job
  • 1 can cream.
  • Bits of ham
  • Salt and pepper


We do about 10 or 12 with a cut melon balls balls. Reserve for garnish the dish.

The rest (except ham), put everything in a blender (if you have Thermomix hand) and sink.

It leaves a very thin cream not very thick. It incorporates the cream in consumer taste (I would put a whole). S'emplata in pretty glasses and garnished with melon balls and ham. If you want crispy ham, you can bake a moment to toast it (very good).

Serve it chilled.

Bon profit!


Rice Casserole

Quick and easy recipe that can be used to recycle the broth had some boiled vegetables. It is another version of the "survival of rice" we do at home.


  • Bomba rice (or carneroli) a handful per person.
  • Chicken wings.
  • Botifarretes.
  • Tomato, green pepper, a clove of garlic and onion.
  • Peas (or any vegetable you have)
  • Escalibada (or anything that exceeds the fridge)
  • Boil any vegetable broth (or water pill Avecrem).


We fry all the vegetables (except peas). Add the meat and cook it until it is nearly cooked and dauradeta.

Add the rice and leave a little toast. Add water (broth cook vegetables recycle) hot. Add the peas raw. We cook all together for 20 minutes you need rice. We go testing it and correcting the salt and you need to make it tasty.

It's done. A good rice made things left over from the fridge and a little chicken.

Bon profit!



This is the favorite dish of my children. Now you know the fact alone, but when I asked what the recipe could not miss this blog, they all answered "macaroni !!"


  • Macaroni (1.2 kg to 6 people)
  • sausage
  • Beef burger
  • Foie gras (duck or pork)
  • Tin of canned tomatoes (uncooked)
  • Onion, a couple of cloves of garlic and green pepper.
  • 1 can cream.
  • Cheese gratin


This dish is quick to make, altogether it takes half an hour, but it must be organized well.

We begin to make the sauce: Garlic, onion and pepper, all chopped or cut small fry to put it. After 5 minutes add the meat separating it with a fork and mix it well with the sauce. After 10 minutes add the tomato. We cover it and let it cook 15 minutes. Just before the end add a culladara fat gras or some sausage, or what we look good and have in the fridge (this sauce we can do Thermomix, but vigilant not chop it all too small).

Now the dough: just as we onion and pepper before adding the meat, we can put a big fire with salt water and a tablet Avecrem. By the time you add the tomato sauce, probably we will have the water boiling pot and then add macaroni (water, of course). Cook macaroni have 8 or 9 minutes (depending on the brand of pasta).

If all we have coordinated well, finish cooking while the sauce and pasta cooció.

Ho emplatem: Strain the pasta and put it in a dish going to the oven. Add the sauce over cream and milk. We mix well. We try salt and pepper. We can add a little oregano if you want. When we have it ready and we like how it looks, I cover it with cheese and grill 2 to 3 minutes (depending on whether we like roasted roasting or less).

It's done. A table !!


Grilled octopus with potato timbale

Recipe for a day of barbecue different.


  • Boiled octopus (I always buy it cooked because if I do, there is no way to hit the right spot)
  • Patates (1 per person)
  • 1 onion.
  • 1 green pepper.
  • 1 tomato.


To make potatoes: make a sauce with onion, pepper and tomato. Peel the potatoes and cut them into slices. Add them to the sauce and We cover with water or broth we have. Allow to cook for 15 minutes or until the potatoes are ready.

Pop: Pop is already cooked, so really, the only heat the grill and sear do. Be careful not to cook we spend gets gum consistency.

Once everything is ready, assemble it as image. We can make a homemade garlic mayonnaise and use it to hold together the potatoes and garnish (I did not do the day of the photo, but I did other times). The juice of potatoes can serve for anything (a delicious soup!).

Decorate the dish with olive oil and salt.

Bon profit.