tataki de salmo

Salmon tataki marinated in sesame oil

Salmon Tataki is made in a moment and is very tasty. It can be made like the image or it can be done in the form of dice and combined with avocado serving it in the form of a timpani. I made it at the end of the year and chose to do it alone. Bon Appetit!!

carpaccio de leg

Prawn carpaccio with persimmon "caviar"

Shrimp Carpaccio is a very simple recipe to make and makes a lot of patxoca on a Christmas table or any other celebration. The one in the photo is decorated with persimmon but could be made with pomegranate, or some other colored fruit (depending on ...

sea ​​goat

Stuffed spider crab

A stuffed sea goat is an awesome dish ... and this is an easy recipe to make at home and it gives very good results. One for the face, that's right ... so book it for the day you have to celebrate something ...


Baked cod skrei

The spring also bring strawberries, persimmons and apricots also brings delight as cod skrei. This is a cod comes from Norway and eaten without being previously salted and unsalted. It is very tasty and tender offers large spines.


Grilled octopus with potato timbale

Recepta ideal per a un dia de barbacoa diferent. Ingredients: Pop cuit (jo el compro sempre cuit perquè si ho faig jo, no hi ha manera d'encertar el punt just) Patates (1 per persona) 1 ceba. 1 pebrot verd. 1 tomaquet. Elaboració: Per ...


Eggs stuffed with tuna

Ideal com a entrant per a qualsevol ocasió. Ingredients: 1 ou per persona. Tonyina en conserva (en oli d'oliva, que és més bona). Maionesa (feta a mà com la de la foto, o comprada) Sal Elaboració: Es fan els ous durs. Quan són freds, es ...


Rajada "blackened"

La rajada es molt bona i agrada molt als nens perquè no té espines. Aquesta és una recepta que vaig aprendre a fer mentre vivia a França i que aquí repeteixo de tant tant (amb alguna variació). Ingredients: 1 ala de rajada per a cada persona (si só ...



Els musclos a la marinera es diferencien dels musclos al vapor pel fet que porten un sofregit de ceba i tomàquet. Són ideals com aperitiu els dies d'estiu. Molt fàcils de fer i amb un resultat que no falla mai... a més, admeten moltes variacions. Ingre ...


Fish and chips

This is a recipe that can be made with any type of fish. I make it according to what we have caught: tuna, lamprey, popcorn, bream, hook-cutter, mackerel ... (the plate in the photo is with a fillet of bream). I also do it with purchased fish, such as monkfish or l ...