carpaccio of cod

Carpaccio of cod on a bed of tomato

Easy recipe that pleases everyone and is ideal for summer.


  • Two slices of carpaccio per person (if a starter)
  • A very nice and big tomato
  • tapenade


Desalinate the cod: To cut cod carpaccio buy already chopped thin market. If you find you can buy a thick stalk while still salted, cut it thin (1 mm) with cold meat slicer. As the slices are so thin is desalted at a time. Just put it in a bowl with water for 10 minutes (while we prepare the tomato, for example). After 10 minutes, the drain by placing it between two pieces of kitchen paper.

Prepare the tomato: To make the bed carpaccio selecting a ripe tomato and bay. We can then dishing and will need the dressing. The amount of salt depends on how much we've been desalted cod.

the tapenade: I made the buy, but you could do at home with chopped black olives and anchovies if you have any.

Serve chilled dish! Before bringing it to the table, I add another splash of olive oil to finish decorating it. Bon Appetit!

Farcellets escalivada

Rolls of aubergine and goat cheese

These rolls are perfect for a picnic or take them to go either invited to someone's home. It takes 10 minutes of preparation and 15 minutes of oven.

Ingredients for 12 rolls:

  • 1 bought pie dough made (can also be made with puff pastry)
  • Grilled vegetables (onions, peppers and eggplant)
  • Goat cheese for slicing
  • 2 tomatoes
  • 1 egg (for paint rolls)


Extensive mass and do much thinner than it originally, so we go 12 rolls (square are about 10 cm each).

Cut the tomatoes into thin slices, cut in thin strips and the roasted goat cheese cut into slices well.

Assemble the rolls:

Take a cube and we can paste a slice of tomato. Above we put some roasted (the dose will depend on how many have), and irrigate it with a little oil (salt not necessary because the goat cheese is already salty). Above the oil we put a slice of cheese. Close the bundle starting with the ends and fold them over each other in the center of the bundle.

To close the bundle was nice to have a glass with water and dip your fingers in it to fuse the ends where we folded.

Sometimes I put on a bundle of more goat cheese. This picture is not so, but I think it is better that it (the day the photo was in a hurry and I did).

Finally, the bundle is painted with a beaten egg to make it bright and s'enforma.

Oven to 200 degrees. 15 minutes. Vigilant not too roasting above. If we toasted it but it's been more than 10 minutes, you can cover with foil.

The parchment with the dough that envolcallada us to use it as the basis for the silver to go between the furnace and rolls. It does not stick at all and we need to protect the silver.

Bon profit!


Melon Cream

Typical going to take a melon that has no taste at all and nobody wants dessert.


  • 1 job
  • 1 can cream.
  • Bits of ham
  • Salt and pepper


We do about 10 or 12 with a cut melon balls balls. Reserve for garnish the dish.

The rest (except ham), put everything in a blender (if you have Thermomix hand) and sink.

It leaves a very thin cream not very thick. It incorporates the cream in consumer taste (I would put a whole). S'emplata in pretty glasses and garnished with melon balls and ham. If you want crispy ham, you can bake a moment to toast it (very good).

Serve it chilled.

Bon profit!


Handmade mayonnaise

Mayonnaise as it has always done. Recipe suitable only for experts with pestle (the house does James, my husband).


  • 1 or
  • bread crumbs (about 1/4 of a slice of bread).
  • Vinegar (one teaspoon approx.)
  • Will.
  • Oli d’oliva.


Take some bread the day before. Wet with vinegar (or should not be too dry or there must be an excess of vinegar ... enough to make it a wet paste sticking to the pestle). (The wine vinegar should be no balsamic vinegar)

Take an egg and separate the white from the yolk. Add the egg yolk in a mortar with bread and vinegar. Stir well to make it a uniform paste.

Take the oilcan oil and gradually add oil in a mortar was very slowly while stirring it. Never throw oil quantity to be cut. The mortar should always rotate in the same direction (it is, but always the same). We must vigorously and rotated at the same rate.

The oil should be good and will as necessary depending on the amount of mayonnaise you want.

At the end of all, when we consider that we are done, add salt and stir and you can leave.

Reservations required mayonnaise in the refrigerator.

It is much better and tastier than any mayonnaise jar.


Eggs stuffed with tuna

Ideal as a starter for any occasion.


  • 1 ou per person.
  • Canned tuna (in olive oil, which is good).
  • mayonnaise (feta a mà com la de la foto, o comprada)
  • will


Are boiled eggs. When they are cool, peel and split in half. It clearly separates the yolk and reserve the whites cooked.

The yolks are mixed with shredded tuna and mayonnaise (mayonnaise reserve some for decoration). Pasta seasoned with salt and pepper, until we think it is perfect.

They stuffed pasta made with egg whites with yolk.

Served chilled.

Bon profit!


Blinis with smoked salmon and caviar

The blinis are the Russian version of "pankackes" American and French crepes. The Russians use them to accompany dishes such as caviar and smoked salmon. Eat the sour cream "sour cream" is not here (I only occasionally take part in supermarkets with food from other countries).

Ingredients per a 6 blinis:

  • 1 or
  • 175cl of milk.
  • 40 g of Mantega
  • 40 sugar
  • About half of yeast
  • will


Mix well all ingredients until you have a smooth paste. Let stand half an hour in the refrigerator.

In a hot frying pan greased with a little oil were making blinis side.

Blinis size depends on how you want. The photo are about 20 cm (the size of the pan). The thickness depends on where we want to. If we want children, it is better if you are a little heavier (thicker dough), if we want big, it is better if you are a bit thin (mass clearer).

They serve hot.

Amanida de Pollastre

Chicken salad, apple and blue cheese

This is the typical summer salad where you put everything you have in the fridge and is delicious and refreshing.


  • Chicken breast fillet, grilled or barbecued, cut into bits.
  • lettuce
  • Tomato (recommended type of ox heart) or Cherry
  • walnuts
  • Raisins
  • blue cheese
  • Apple (recommended type Fuji)
  • Dress with balsamic vinegar (emulsion is recommended); oil and salt to taste.


Wash all ingredients and cut to the size you like for the salad.

Put all in a silver salad and served chilled.

Bon profit!!



the mussels Steamed mussels are different because they take an onion and tomato. Ideal as an aperitif summer days. Very easy to do with a result that never fails ... also admit many variations.

Ingredients for 4 people:

  • 1 kg of mussels (4.1 kg per person) in the Ebro Delta.
  • 1 tomato
  • 1/2 onion
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • Oli d’oliva
  • Herbs (optional): rosemary, thyme, bay leaf, etc.

Preparation of mussels:

Wash the mussels and they cut hair that joins the shoulder.

In a pan fry is a little garlic, onion cut into small bits and chopped tomatoes (or grated, or cut into small bits). When the sauce is done (about 10 minutes) add the mussels (without water) and herbs. They cover well and leave covered a few mintues until opened.

We discover that although we have no water, the mussels have made.

All served in a dish in the center of the table, washed down with a little oil.

If you want the stew thicker the sauce we can add a tablespoon of flour. The sauce can also add a few drops of anise ... or some fennel ... or a bit of thyme ... well ... what I mean is that it is a dish that easily can give a personal touch as you have at home.

Mussels must be Cruet (not raw at all, but neither are as annealing estallossos).

're an excellent dish.


Potato balls stuffed with black pudding

These balls are very good as an aperitif. And its development is a fun way to entertain the kids in the kitchen.


(To about 35 balls)

  • 3 medium potatoes
  • 35 slices of black pudding
  • 2 ous


Prepare mashed potatoes:

Peel the potatoes, cut them in pieces and boil in salted water. When they are cooked (15 min approx), the drain and reserve.

In one wants: put the potatoes, a little oil and the yolk of an egg. We salt and pepper it. We puree (I will do a double helix ... electric mixer is in a moment). The try and add oil, salt and pepper second as we like. It should be thick. Do not add milk, which is what you would do for a normal mashed potatoes.

Prepare potato balls:

Cut the sausage in thin slices or cubes. How is it best to dice and getting the sausage is not seen within the ball. (The photo is sliced).

When the puree is already a bit cold with a spoon take a little puree, then add the piece of sausage and then a little more puree. We become a little ball with the hands (as if we balls of clay).

We make balls.

To fry:

In a bowl, beat the egg and clear that we booked.

Put a frying pan with enough oil. When the oil is hot, fry are balls that have previously gone through the egg.

Be careful not to move too much because the paella balls can be undone. If you are just bathed egg also undo. The turning point must be careful.

When they are golden, remove from the heat and let stand on a paper towel to drain excess oil. Now you can eat.

They are good when they are hot.

You can also go alone, without sausage, or sausage (in fact, are excellent with sausage!).


Meat pies in Sweeney Todd

Ideal per menjar despres de veure la película o el musical ;-)


(per 6 pastissets)

Per la massa:

  • 3 tasses de farina
  • 1 cullaradeta de sal
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 or
  • 1/2 cup butter
  • 1/2 tassa de llet

For the filling:

  • 250 grams of beef
  • 250g pork
  • 1 ceba minced
  • 1 gra d’all no massa gros
  • 1/4 green pepper
  • 1 cullarada de farina
  • 1 ou per la massa
  • 1 ou per pintar els pastissets


Es fa un sofregit amb la ceba, el pebrot trinxat, els alls picats i les carns. Tot ben assaonat. Quan el porc és cuit, ho retirem del foc i ho colem per treure tot l’excedent de suc que hi pugui haver. Quan ho tinguem colat, ho passem a un bol i hi afegim la cullarada de farina i l’ou. Ho remenem bé fins que quedi homogeni. No ha de quedar una pasta tipus paté, si no que ha de quedar amb grumolls de carn.

To make the dough, mix all ingredients and knead it well. If it is too light, add flour if it is too dry, add milk.

With a rolling pin spread the dough well and leave thin.

Turn on the oven and put it to 250 degrees.

Then we have to decide whether or not the mold cakes. The photography is made in the mold to make cakes, so I cut the dough in a circle and I lined the holes of the mold previously greased with butter.

The dough should prick before we fill with dough prepared with meat.

Distribute the meat among the six cakes molds and then cover it with circles of pasta, a little smaller than the previous ones.

So stick or two circles of dough (cap and base), the paint with a little water and let the fingers sticking. When they are well plugged, because they do not puncture Reventin copper, and paint with egg.

Then bake for at least 20 minutes.

The exact cooking time depends on the size of the cupcakes. For cooking the filling should not suffer because we cooked the meat to fry it, we have to watch is the paste that forms the outside of the cake. If we made very thin roll, baked golden sure to be between 20 and 25 minutes in the oven.

When they are cooked, they are better if left to cool a little.