Rajada "blackened"

The herd is very good and the kids really like because it has thorns. This is a recipe that I learned to do while living in France and I repeat here once and then (with some variation).


  • One wing herd for each person (if very large herds, half enough)
  • butter
  • 1/2 glass of vinegar
  • capers
  • Oli d’oliva


The original recipe is cooked first herd in a short fish broth (with cold water, put the soup and fish and when it starts to boil for the heat and let stand 5 minutes). In my adaptation to the Catalan cuisine, fried salted and floured the herd in oil flavored with garlic.

Once the herd is cooked, the sauce is done. To take the butter, capers and vinegar and is reducing all. When I think the good face Salseta ago, is removed from the fire.

To use it, s'emplata the herd and watered with caper sauce.

French call "black butter" because the vinegar does blackened butter. A herd of black sauce picture not because I did with white wine vinegar (it was in black).

This dish is very delicious surprises guests or family, for their tastes different from other fish.

Bon profit!

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