Aquest és el plat preferit dels meus fills. Ara ja el saben fet tot sols, però quan els vaig preguntar quina era la recepta que no podia faltar a aquest blog, tots van contestar "els macarrons!!" Ingr

Grilled octopus with potato timbale

Recipe for a day of barbecue different. Ingredients: boiled octopus (I always buy it cooked because if I do, there is no way to hit the right spot) Potatoes (1 per person) 1 onion. 1 pepper

Risotto champinyons i liver virutes

Malgrat el nom, aquesta és la recepta de l'"arròs de supervivència" que faig quan no tinc res a la nevera. Així que els ingredients són variables. Ingredients: Arròs (bomba o carneroli). Una safata de

Handmade mayonnaise

Mayonnaise as it has always done. Recipe suitable only for experts with pestle (the house does James, my husband). Ingredients: 1 egg bread crumbs (about 1/4 of a slice of bread). Vina

Eggs stuffed with tuna

Ideal as a starter for any occasion. Ingredients: 1 egg per person. Canned tuna (in olive oil, which is good). Mayonnaise (handmade like the photo, or purchased) Sal Preparation: It

Blinis with smoked salmon and caviar

Els blinis són la versió rusa dels "pankackes" nord-americans i els crepes francesos. Els rusos els fan servir per acompanyar plats com el caviar i el salmó fumat. El mengen amb crema agre "sour cream

Chicken curry

Recipe exotic converted to Catalan cuisine. Ingredients: 1 chicken. A couple of tomatoes. 1 onion, 1 carrot 1 tray of mushrooms 1 can of coconut milk curry powder Salt and pepper Preparation

Chicken salad, apple and blue cheese

This is the typical summer salad where you put everything you have in the fridge and is delicious and refreshing. Ingredients: Chicken breast fillet, grilled or barbecued, cut into bits. To lettuce

Rajada "blackened"

The herd is very good and the kids really like because it has thorns. This is a recipe that I learned to do while living in France and I repeat here once and then (with some variation). Ingredia


The mussels steamed mussels are different because they take an onion and tomato. Ideal as an aperitif summer days. Very easy to make and a no result

Zucchini cream

Quick recipe that never fails. Ingredients for 6: 3 courgettes 1 medium potato 1 can cream of chicken Avecrem one tablet of 400 ml of water, extra virgin olive oil. recipe

Cheesecake Philadelphia

Aquesta és una adaptació del típic pastís realitzat amb formatge Philadelphia i mermelada de maduixa. Ingredients: 75 g de galetes dipus "Digestive" (una mica gruixudes i no gaire dolces). 30 g de man

Fish and chips

This is a recipe that can be made with any type of fish. I do as we have the fish: tuna, dolphin fish, butterfish, mackerel, short-hooks, mackerel ... (the dish is a fillet photo

Tortilla chips

Simple dish but very good. They both used to eat at home and away. Ingredients for 6 people: 8 eggs 4 medium potatoes (or more) 1 onion (optional) Preparation: Fry the potatoes

New St. James with Chanterelle

Recipe for scallops when they are on the market. Ingredients for 6 people 12 scallops whole. 1 onion. 1 A cup of white wine. Preparation: Separate the new St. James (the white part of the viei

stuffed zucchini

This is a recipe that is perfect if you are like zucchini Roundy image. The recipe is easy to make because it requires emptying courgettes, but the end result is very good

Mussels with cream

This is a recipe for mussels do differently and that pleasantly surprised those to come. Ingredients: Mussels (1 liter for every two people approx.) 2 shallots a glass of

Pomes cake to Norman

Aquesta és una tarta de poma molt fàcil de fer i una recepta que es pot dur a terme amb qualsevol fruita del temps. Ingredients: Base de tarta (pot ser de full). 4 ó 5 pomes (la de la foto és amb rein