Mussels with cream

This is a recipe for mussels do differently and that pleasantly surprised those to come.


  • Mussels (1 liter for every two people approx.)
  • 2 escalunyes
  • a glass of white wine
  • Thick cream
  • Garlic and Parsley


We open the mussels in a pot where we made a little boiling water, cut tiny shallots, white wine and some garlic and parsley.

When the mussels have opened, we remove from the heat and put the silver in the serve.

With a little boiling water, plus shallots and garlic and parsley, dilute cream. The fire and we put a little heat until it begins to thicken again. At this point, the throw over the mussels and you can go to the table.

This sauce mussels is very typical of the Normandy and Brittany. They serve mussels cream accompanied by fries.

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