Handmade mayonnaise

Mayonnaise as it has always done. Recipe suitable only for experts with pestle (the house does James, my husband).


  • 1 or
  • bread crumbs (about 1/4 of a slice of bread).
  • Vinegar (one teaspoon approx.)
  • Will.
  • Oli d’oliva.


Take some bread the day before. Wet with vinegar (or should not be too dry or there must be an excess of vinegar ... enough to make it a wet paste sticking to the pestle). (The wine vinegar should be no balsamic vinegar)

Take an egg and separate the white from the yolk. Add the egg yolk in a mortar with bread and vinegar. Stir well to make it a uniform paste.

Take the oilcan oil and gradually add oil in a mortar was very slowly while stirring it. Never throw oil quantity to be cut. The mortar should always rotate in the same direction (it is, but always the same). We must vigorously and rotated at the same rate.

The oil should be good and will as necessary depending on the amount of mayonnaise you want.

At the end of all, when we consider that we are done, add salt and stir and you can leave.

Reservations required mayonnaise in the refrigerator.

It is much better and tastier than any mayonnaise jar.

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Handmade mayonnaise
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