Cheeks pork grilled with mushrooms and ears

This dish is a healthy, easy to cook and can cook a full barbecue / grill.


  • Two pork cheeks person (better if they are pitted)
  • Mushrooms or any other mushroom.
  • A cob of corn per person (if we pre-cooked)
  • A little garlic and parsley.


We light the barbecue.

While we expect hot, let the garlic and parsley with a little salt and plenty of oil. Chop it finely chopped with a paint brush cheeks with sauce and mushrooms.

When the barbecue is hot, we cook mushrooms and cheeks. Corn, if pre-cooked, you only need to pass it for a moment by the fire and warm brown.

When everything is the point, it can be used.

Bon profit.

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