Nadal Garrinet

This recipe is for Christmas or any time of year if we change the decoration of the plate.


  • One pig less than 6 kg
  • A bottle of white wine or champagne
  • Aromatic herbs
  • lard
  • Candied plums, candied apricots, nuts, etc.
  • pickled onions


Wash the pig with a damp cloth and aixuguem.

The salt and pepper inside and out.

The paint with butter and herbs (the butter I used the last time, I had goose lard was kept a canned goose gizzards. I mix the butter with the chopped herbs and grinder this pasta, I greased pig. Once inside, and out.) the let stand 24 hours.

Heat oven to 180 degrees.

We put the pig inside a silver and irrigate with wine or champagne. The baking.

A pig 6 kg to 180 degrees takes about three hours to cook. It must be vigilant and turning every 20 minutes approx. Care must be watered with the juice and wine cooking duration. If we see the ears, the nose or the tail toast too, we can cover with foil.

Serve immediately or reheat when needed can be a table. If you want crispy skin well and we stayed there (because we overheated, for example), we can spend time by the grill of the oven and brown.

For Christmas, I served with prunes, apricots, candied onions and diced potatoes talladetes.

Plums and apricots I sweeten with sugar and muscatel.

I also sweeten the onions.

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