These croquettes are used to take the remains of other meals, such as roast beef, roast chicken, etc. I do them in large quantities (100 croquettes) and freeze, so I always patties ready for emergencies.


- What a sober roasted or: chicken, beef and sausage (the amount depends on the number of nuggets that do) (proportions going to consumer tastes, as I do I have that the rest).

- béchamel (flour, butter, nutmeg, onion, salt and milk)

- bread crumbs and egg (to coat the croquettes)


- Prepare the meat for the filling:

If you do not have roasted the roast (put everything in a pot, add a tomato, some carrots, a few peeled garlic cloves (unpeeled and peels or later) and a little broth (can be water and a tablet Avecrem) leave a roasting time approx.

When the roast is cooked, the meat Remove the stone and waistband (with a food, for example).

- The bechamel:

In a dogfish or a food to cook (a Thermomix, for example), it is brown the onion (which we cut very small, but can be deleted if there are onion roast), incorporated flour, butter, nutmeg and salt at the end joins milk.

The proportions are roughly: one pint of milk, two tablespoons fat meal. But it tastes, and most can be corrected if we see that is too heavy or too light.

The need for thick patties.

The amount will depend on how we like bechamel croquettes ... whether gladly or more of meat flavored bechamel.

When the white sauce is made with ground beef mixed. When everything is well mixed let it cool and put it in the refrigerator. In this way it will be easier to make croquettes.


The next day or a few hours, we began to mount croquettes.

To do prepare the bread crumbs on a plate and a couple of eggs and salt in another bowl.

Start making balls shaped croquette and go through the egg and then bread crumbs. When you have the shape you want, leave it to the silver we will use them to freeze.

It is ideal to work in series with someone else (children, for example) and for a while the balls, the other the horn with egg and breadcrumbs and the other in a short time we have made croquettes 100.

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Croquettes Roast
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