Good recipe for breakfast on a Saturday or Sunday. Kids really like and can participate in its development.


  • 3 Ous
  • 400ml milk
  • 250g farina
  • a pinch of salt or sugar.

Recipe to make about 14 crepes:

Mix all ingredients (can be done by hand or mixer).

It puts a frying pan or the plugs Crepera (Crepera we do with electricity).

When the pan is hot or Crepera, they put a few drops of oil or a little butter (to make sure that the pancakes do not stick) and then add the pasta.

Boil a few minutes (one minute on each side, approximately).

We know that pancakes are cooked and can be rotated when looking closely see the dough bubbles or cooked by observing the color change of crepes.

The thickness of the crepes depends on the density of the mass. If we want thick, we thicker dough. If we thin we most liquid mass.

When you are done, you can eat sweets (jam, honey, sugar and cinnamon, and oil colacao, Nutella, etc ...) or you can eat salty (with foie gras, Philadelphia cheese with cream 'cheese with ham, etc. ). Anyway are excellent.

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Pancakes recipe
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