sugar shells

Coca de Sucre

also called glass cake (Although the photo I were glass :-). the sugar shells are the ideal snack for a Saturday with the kids at home.

Ingredients of a one per 2 ó 3 sugar shells:

(mig kg de massa, aprox.)

  • 125 ml water
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon sugar dough
  • Sugar in abundance on the cake
  • 20 gr. Pressed yeast (the Bread)
  • 300 gr. of flour
  • some pine nuts
  • Anise


Rids yeast with slightly warm water (37 degrees) and becomes a dough with all ingredients except sugar, anise and nuts, which serve for the decoration.

Meets fine paste obtained. If it is too light and can not work, add flour. If we stick to the hands but too consistency is good, we can grease your hands with oil (I unto marble and oil m'unto hands).

If you have a machine that pasta along much better, just 3 minutes ... if we do not, then we have to work well in hand at least take five minutes.

When we have a fine dough, we make cakes very thin.

Let stand one hour cakes.

Far hour, turn on the oven to 225 degrees and go over the form of cakes, if they have gone too, we lower the ... if we see something that we can stretch, the stretch. The more thin and crispy remain more good will.

We start decorating cakes with sugar and nuts.

They are also good if and glazed before putting sugar in the cake, the paint with water or water and anise. We can also add anise sugar once we are over it, but it costs more.

So when we bake oven to the right temperature.

We constantly monitor the oven, because in less than 10 minutes we toast cakes. The desenfornarem the point when they want.

How les sugar shells cakes are dried, stored either two or three days if we keep in places with no humidity.

Bon profit.

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Coca Coca Crystal Sugar
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