Plum Crumble

Claudia Plum "Crumble"

The "crumble" I do not know ... as they say in Catalan are these bits of cookie that are above the cake (in fact, "cake" is not very Catalan).

The cakes are always delicious with crumble and this especially is that I like more.


  • Basis for cake (this cake I used a base pasta broken le already sold made ... but we could do it by hand with the same mass crumble ... the thing is that I try to do it from start to finish in 40 minutes)
  • Claudia plum (or prune it easy to split in half). The amount depends on the mold.
  • 3 egg yolks
  • 3 tablespoons sugar
  • 3 tablespoons cream
  • Three handfuls of flour
  • mantega (a 3 cm tall normal packet mantega)
  • A pinch of cinnamon
  • A little lemon peel

Production of plum cake:

  • First part: cooking base and plums.

Extend the base of cake in a round mold.

Wash plums and remove the stone there. Place the plum cake on the basis of looking at which are not many empty spaces and the skin of the plum remain in the bottom.

We bake 20 minutes at 200 degrees or until we see that the base begins to toast themselves.

  • Preparation of crumble

While we start making copper base crumble: take the flour and knead the butter cold from the fridge and two tablespoons of sugar. I'm not saying the measures that I do look ... the point is that it should be a mass remains how compact the press, but that may have crumbled ... as the shattering baking it. If my house the remains of Special K, sometimes also makes adding and crumble remains crunchy.

Sprinkle these bits go on a silver oven (different from the cake) and start to cook it. From time to time, we removed it and we will undo with a fork so that they are lumps of cookie.

  • Let the cream

Among the plum crumble and there will be a layer of custard quickly. So now we must prepare.

In a bowl, mix well 3 egg yolks, remaining sugar and cream. We beat it (by hand, do not need an electric mixer). If the mold that we chose is very large, perhaps we should add another egg yolk and a little milk. Add a pinch of cinnamon and a bit of lemon peel. Our taste.

  • Assemble the cake and continue to cook:

When the base is already ready, so we get all the baked cake just mount:

  1. Add the cream on raw plums (which surely have made juice, but nothing happens ... the cream mix)
  2. Above add the cream crumble. Do not worry if it is not cooked at all, now just baking pie.

We even bake about 15 minutes or until we see that the color gets crumble and cream has curdled under (curdles quickly, so it is better to be guided by color crumble).

That's it !!!!

Serve warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, or can be served with thick cream. It's a delicious cake not enfarfega genes and therefore you can eat as much dessert snack. The next day, it is still better !!

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Claudia Plum Crumble
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