risotto-with-and-foie champinyons

Risotto champinyons i liver virutes

Despite its name, this is the recipe of "Rice survival"When I do not have anything in the fridge. So the ingredients are variable.


  • Rice (or pump carneroli).
  • A tray of mushrooms (which coincidentally was in the fridge)
  • Any vegetables you have (rice photo I put 2 carrots, 1 onion, 1 green pepper and 1 tomato, I also add some grilled vegetables remains that had the fridge).
  • A tablet Avecrem chicken broth if we do not have any cooked vegetables.
  • A tin of foie truth (always have some in the pantry).


To do this we decided to put the rice block of foie freezer because it is easy to scratch it over rice.

Let's get started:

Fry all the vegetables that we and mushrooms (about 10 minutes). When more or less done, add the rice (a handful brimming, per person) and we toasted a moment.

Add the hot broth (if you have) or hot water with salt tablet Avecrem if you do not have.

We cook 20 minutes rice mandatory you need a pump or carneroli to be "al dente".

(There is no difference between type of rice and the other: the pump consumes more water and is very tasty. The Carneroli is what the Italians used for risottos, rice is not absorb much water and is very sweet . the photo was because it was the bomb that was open at the time, but if I can do it with carneroli).

(However, water can always raising regular fire and uncovering the pan (if we had covered) to get more evaporates, or the reverse, if you lack water or add any or rice cover it because so much water evaporates).

A table:

Once the rice is cooked and there is no water. The let stand 3 minutes and serve. When we are serving dishes, foie open the can, take the whole block and cover the rice grater foie (need to be quicker and better if foie gras is almost frozen because the rice hot foie melts away).

Rice is an excellent, very tasty, which can save us in times when we believe that there is nothing in the fridge :-)

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Risotto champinyons i liver virutes
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