The shrimp carpaccio recipe is simple to make and it's very patxoca a Christmas table or any other celebration.

Ingredients for Carpaccio Prawns for four people:

  • 12 peeled prawns and clean.
  • Olive very good.
  • The juice of a lemon.
  • 1 persimó (one of those that is hard persimmon)
  • Salt and pepper

Recipe for shrimp carpaccio:

Better than the shrimp are cool, but I do it with prawns and is just as well ... the sack an hour earlier from the freezer.

Cut shrimp in half longitudinally.

Put a plastic film on the marble kitchen and we spread with oil. Then we have shrimp on making do not touch each other, but together the maximum possible. Add a dash of walnut oil and cover it with plastic film.

Now the hard part ... should pave the prawns !!! I do take the wood to cut the sausage and putting it on top of the shrimp and then crush with a rolling pin.

This is a dish that is served on the plate on that work ... so we chose a dish where they fit pretty well and we prepared shrimp.

Once you have them flat, remove a part of the plastic film and put it behind the plate in reverse, turn it around and we remove the other part of the film. We would be the dish with prawns already on. We will clean it up a bit.

Then salt it, pepper it (pepper color is very nice) and add a good dash of lemon.

The final touch is given caviar persimó ... that really are diced fruit that make seafood there is contrast between sweet taste and contributes persimó.

Assemble the dish and reserve in the fridge to serve it chilled.

Bon profit.

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Carpaccio de Gamba amb "caviar" de persimó
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