carpaccio of cod

Carpaccio of cod on a bed of tomato

Easy recipe that pleases everyone and is ideal for summer.


  • Two slices of carpaccio per person (if a starter)
  • A very nice and big tomato
  • tapenade


Desalinate the cod: To cut cod carpaccio buy already chopped thin market. If you find you can buy a thick stalk while still salted, cut it thin (1 mm) with cold meat slicer. As the slices are so thin is desalted at a time. Just put it in a bowl with water for 10 minutes (while we prepare the tomato, for example). After 10 minutes, the drain by placing it between two pieces of kitchen paper.

Prepare the tomato: To make the bed carpaccio selecting a ripe tomato and bay. We can then dishing and will need the dressing. The amount of salt depends on how much we've been desalted cod.

the tapenade: I made the buy, but you could do at home with chopped black olives and anchovies if you have any.

Serve chilled dish! Before bringing it to the table, I add another splash of olive oil to finish decorating it. Bon Appetit!

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Cod carpaccio
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