To make your own converva tuna is a luxury. It has nothing to do with what can be bought enllaudada. A cut of tuna that transforms any dish. If more oil is made with canned good ... then the results are spectacular.

In my case, the tuna we catch ourselves (and still swims in the morning and in the afternoon it is in a pot). And our olive oil is (Coperativa Santa Barbara in Montsià).


  • Fresh tuna.
  • Cooking salt
  • Olive oil (some people do with sunflower oil because he likes the oil is not noticed so much)


Prepare tuna:

We assume that tuna fish is fresh. So we must first clean it: you cut the head and remove the belly. Then cut them into chunks the size of the boats that we used to make preserves (desespinar without it).

We cook the tuna:

You put water into a much salt. When I say lots, I mean ... a lot of pot 5 liters we put 2.1 kg of salt. When the water is boiling, add the tuna.

We cook 1/2 hour if the tuna are small (less than 4 spans) or 3/4 hour if they are bigger (the cuts will have a wider diameter and require more time).

After this time, remove the tuna from the water and let s'arrafredi a little (just enough so that we can touch it with your hands without getting burned).

Prepare canned:

Take a slice of tuna and put it on a plate. The peel. Will we remove the thorns. We watch it in less trances possible. The reserve.

We do all the cuts, until we have all the tuna fixed.

Put it to you:

The boats must be well clean (the rentavaillexes). We put the tuna can. The beautiful backs out and broken pieces filling the empty spaces that they are leaving.

Fill the jars with oil to cover tuna. These tuna that does not touch the air. Let it rest a little shaken and it occasionally to ensure that air bubbles that have been inside, go outside.

We cover the jars well covered.


Take the jars and put them in the biggest pot you have (several floors you can do if given the pot so). Fill the pot of water to cover the jars and put on fire.

Boil the pot for half an hour if the fillets are small or 3/4 hour if you are fat tuna.

When done, let it cool in the water. When we remove, wipe them with a cloth or kitchen and the pantry can save now.

When you open a can and eat some, the rest must keep it in the refrigerator (in the same pot). The oil retains can be used to decorate any type of salad.