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Stuffed spider crab

A stuffed sea goat is an awesome dish… and this is an easy recipe to make at home and it gives very good results. One for the face, that yes… so book it for the day you have to celebrate something…

Stuffed spider crab

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The goat or sea goat (Maja squinado), known in Menorca and Ibiza as a crab, is a decapod crustacean of the infraorder of brachiopods (Brachyura), that is, crabs. (Source: Wikipedia)

Ingredients for stuffed sea goat (centollo)

Stuffed Sea Goat (crab) recipe

  • If the crab is alive, we put it to cook in warm salt water and gradually go up until the temperature bake 20 minutes. If it gets warm water, not boiling, the animal does not suffer so much and does not realize that it is cooked (or so they say). If the goat is already dead ... directly boiled in salt water.
  • Spent 20 minutes, remove from heat and put in cold water to stop the cooking and prevent dryness remains.
  • Meanwhile we are making an onion stir-fry with the onion cut very small or passed through a food processor (10 minutes of cooking approx.)
  • And we also make a hard-boiled egg (10 minutes)
  • We make the sea goat filling: The first thing to do is to separate the legs of the crab's body, without anything breaking. When we have achieved this, we reserve the legs and start working on the body.
  • Crab belly open and we remove everything there is din. All except gill advantage. Everything else, in rare enough, we put in the bowl of food processor we have. When the crab is empty reserve shell.
  • In the bowl of the food processor we add the mayonnaise, the fried onion and the contents of the crab. We sting it all. Better not to have porridge… in pieces it looks prettier.
  • We put this mince on a flight and add all the pieces of crab meat that have fallen when cutting the legs, we also add the hard-boiled egg cut into small squares. We stir it well and we already have the filling. Now just put it inside the shell of the sea goat’s body.
  • Assemble a dish going to the oven with the legs and body and grill it for a moment. Since I can not eat lactose, it gratin without cheese, just with a little bread crumbs (gluten in my case) and you're done.
  • Sometimes I finish with garlic mousseline made clear that the envelope is made mayonnaise. Look at the recipe for crab filling, the picture of that beef is with mousseline.
  • All good to go !!


  • This recipe is made with sea goat, but you can make it with any big crab you find on the market.

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Cabra de mar ("centollo") farcida
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