Pomes cake to Norman

This is apple pie and very easy to make a recipe that can be carried out with any seasonal fruit.


  • Cake base (pot be full).
  • 4 or 5 apples (the picture is with Pippin)
  • 3 egg yolks
  • 4 tablespoons cream
  • 4 tablespoons sugar
  • 1 teaspoon of Calvados (apple liqueur typical Normandy).


Prepare the base by using a mold of 25 cm in diameter and place it in the mix.

Peel the apples and slices tallarles. Once cut, we have on the mass as shown in the image (as if they were apples cut stockings).

Bake it at 200 degrees until the dough is golden (half an hour).

Meanwhile, prepare the cream Norman as follows: In a bowl, mix 4 egg yolks, 4 tablespoons cream, 4 tablespoons sugar and a teaspoon of Calvados (optional).

When the dough is cooked, open the oven and add the cream on top. Close the oven and leave 15 minutes until we curd and cream begins to brown on top.

Serve hot accompanied by a scoop of vanilla ice cream or thick.

You can also flamed with Calvados ... even if it is for children, not taste like much.

If you like the taste of cinnamon, cinnamon can pull over before you put the cream.

Aquesa recipe can be made with apricots (get cut in half and face up, ie, skin side down), also can be made with plums Claudia, or peach.


French toast

Recipe for a snack with children. My grandmother made them delicious.


  • 6 slices of bread (not too thick)
  • milk
  • Sugar
  • 1 or
  • Cinnamon


Cut 6 slices of bread. Bread is best if the day before and it is a little dry.

In a deep plate or in a bowl, put the slices soaked with milk and leave for 5 minutes.

Meanwhile, put a frying pan with abundant oil, and another deep dish, beat the egg.

When the oil is hot, take slices of bread, the drain a bit, go through the egg and fry.

Must be dauradetes. It is important that they are well cooked inside or pasty and will not be palatable.

When we remove from the heat, the time to spend a paper towel (for oil drain), then the flour and sugar. Finally, sprinkle with a little cinnamon (the amount it tastes ... I like hard cinnamon).


olives preserved dead

This recipe is made with black olives and remaining as photo: faded but very tasty. Olives are called dead.

No matter the type of oil is made, albeit with Arbequina not think that it is too well. The photo is Morruda and sevillenques.


  • Olives
  • A package of kitchen salt
  • Oli d’oliva
  • Herbs (savory, fennel, thyme ...)


We harvest the olives when they are ripe. The clean and well aixuguem clean with a cloth.

Put them on a tray and put in the freezer three or four days. The aim is to freeze them to kill them. Before you let the sun a few days, but it is faster to freeze them.

When they have gone three or four days, we remove from the freezer and cover with table salt. It can be done with salt too, but again, it goes faster if done quicker fine salt to absorb moisture from the oil.

The salt we covered 15 days.

Every two or three days remaining olives in order to effect the salt and the olive touches everywhere you go and dehydrating.

Past two weeks, take an oil, sprinkle salt you have, we spread the oil and tested. If it is good, is not bitter, then we can start canning. If you notice it's a little bitter, we leave a week.

We began canning:

Take the olives we remove the salt. Best if you do not have to get wet ... if we are just shaking them clean. In an emergency, we can go through water, but then we aixugar well with a cloth because we do not want hydrate again. We want well withered.

When we clean the olives, put them on a flight, add olive oil and herbs. Stir well.

Now we can put into tins, which we previously have drained and cleaned in the dishwasher either.

You can keep covered with oil and herbs (if we leave long preserved) or only with oil and greased inside a can, if we will use the next two or three months.


Roast rabbit with mushrooms

Ideal dish to prepare it the day before.


  • 1 rabbit (5 people)
  • carrots
  • 1 onion
  • 1 jar of canned mushrooms
  • 1 green pepper
  • 2 tomatoes
  • 3 cloves garlic
  • 1 bay leaves
  • Herbes de Provence
  • some chocolate
  • 1 beer


Cut the rabbit pieces to roast (or we cut to the carnage). The salt and pepper. Add herbs of Provence. We separate the liver, which will not cook until the last minute because if it is very dry.

Take a pan and put oil on the fire. There fry the rabbit to heat (it is not that it is cooked, if that is what we fry it).

When the rabbit is golden, add all the vegetables cut into pieces not too small, whole garlic and chocolate. Stir a little and then add the beer.

Ho deixem coure tot junt 1 hora. Ho remanem de tant en tant i vigilem que no es quedi sense suc. Si s’hi queda, hi afegim aigua. Si n’hem d’afegir molta, llavors és millor que també hi afegim una mica de brou d’Avecrem d’alguna cosa (el de verdura o el de pollastre, en cas d’emergència).

The next day, or when we eat rabbit, half an hour earlier, separate rabbit vegetables. The rabbit the reserve on a plate. Then take separate vegetables and carrots. We remove the bay leaves and throw. The rest, along with juice and juice roasted mushrooms they go through the blender and make a sauce (if we put the garlic skin, we need to peel them at this point).

Now we can mount the dish. Put some oil in the background, add the rabbit and add the sliced ​​carrots, add the mushrooms (mushroom or we use). We cover it with the sauce you have prepared.

We put it all on fire about 10 minutes, and you can go to the table.

Serve potatoes diced and fried in deep fryer (not the case of the rabbit photo you see here).


Strains cream

This recipe serves to accompany any meat or fish dish.


  • 300g ceps
  • 1 onion
  • 200g cream
  • garlic and parsley


Wash the mushrooms (cut a little tail and take them off the pine needles). To become thin.

In a skillet or saucepan, is fried with onion small. When we have half the sauce, add the mushrooms. We do cover it and a little salt to make the stocks that carry the water removed.

When the vines are dry, add a little oil and minced garlic and parsley. Allow to fry a moment. We try to add salt and pepper and herbs (if you want).

When the garlic starts to color, add the cream and let it heat very low.

Look at little thick cream will go picking mushrooms taste. When practically reduced. Now we can stop and bring to the table.

Bon profit.


Monkfish with prawns and Chickpeas

This dish is easy to make and is great when there are guests.


  • 3 slices of monkfish person.
  • 3 shrimp per person.
  • a handful of chickpeas per person (must be cooked chickpeas)
  • 3 tomatoes
  • 1 onion not very big.
  • 2 cloves garlic



Take the prawns and cut his head. Do not throw away the heads.

In a pan with hot oil, fry a firm time without the prawns and two cloves of garlic. It is not necessary that it is cooked ... just to pick color.

When they are golden reserve prawns separately.

the sauce:

Let the sauce pan. With garlic, chopped onion, grated tomato, shrimp heads and whatever you have on hand (for example, some green pepper, if you want).

Allow to fry 15 to 20 minutes.

When done, you chop it finely chopped and strain through a sieve Chinese. It should be a fine sauce flavored with shrimp. (It's the same sauce for Trotters with shrimp and chickpeas)

The rap:

While the sauce was doing, salt and pepper rap, and flour.

In a fry pan on high heat present in the whole. It is not necessary that it is cooked just golden. The removed as and when we booked.

In the same pan fry the beans there. When caught color, add the monkfish, prawns and fry sauce. We leave by xupxup 5 mintues more.

You can now go to table. Bon Appetit.


Canned tuna in olive oil

To make your own converva tuna is a luxury. It has nothing to do with what can be bought enllaudada. A cut of tuna that transforms any dish. If more oil is made with canned good ... then the results are spectacular.

In my case, the tuna we catch ourselves (and still swims in the morning and in the afternoon it is in a pot). And our olive oil is (Coperativa Santa Barbara in Montsià).


  • Fresh tuna.
  • Cooking salt
  • Olive oil (some people do with sunflower oil because he likes the oil is not noticed so much)


Prepare tuna:

We assume that tuna fish is fresh. So we must first clean it: you cut the head and remove the belly. Then cut them into chunks the size of the boats that we used to make preserves (desespinar without it).

We cook the tuna:

You put water into a much salt. When I say lots, I mean ... a lot of pot 5 liters we put 2.1 kg of salt. When the water is boiling, add the tuna.

We cook 1/2 hour if the tuna are small (less than 4 spans) or 3/4 hour if they are bigger (the cuts will have a wider diameter and require more time).

After this time, remove the tuna from the water and let s'arrafredi a little (just enough so that we can touch it with your hands without getting burned).

Prepare canned:

Take a slice of tuna and put it on a plate. The peel. Will we remove the thorns. We watch it in less trances possible. The reserve.

We do all the cuts, until we have all the tuna fixed.

Put it to you:

The boats must be well clean (the rentavaillexes). We put the tuna can. The beautiful backs out and broken pieces filling the empty spaces that they are leaving.

Fill the jars with oil to cover tuna. These tuna that does not touch the air. Let it rest a little shaken and it occasionally to ensure that air bubbles that have been inside, go outside.

We cover the jars well covered.


Take the jars and put them in the biggest pot you have (several floors you can do if given the pot so). Fill the pot of water to cover the jars and put on fire.

Boil the pot for half an hour if the fillets are small or 3/4 hour if you are fat tuna.

When done, let it cool in the water. When we remove, wipe them with a cloth or kitchen and the pantry can save now.

When you open a can and eat some, the rest must keep it in the refrigerator (in the same pot). The oil retains can be used to decorate any type of salad.


Cheeks pork grilled with mushrooms and ears

This dish is a healthy, easy to cook and can cook a full barbecue / grill.


  • Two pork cheeks person (better if they are pitted)
  • Mushrooms or any other mushroom.
  • A cob of corn per person (if we pre-cooked)
  • A little garlic and parsley.


We light the barbecue.

While we expect hot, let the garlic and parsley with a little salt and plenty of oil. Chop it finely chopped with a paint brush cheeks with sauce and mushrooms.

When the barbecue is hot, we cook mushrooms and cheeks. Corn, if pre-cooked, you only need to pass it for a moment by the fire and warm brown.

When everything is the point, it can be used.

Bon profit.


Estaguetis a la Carbonara

This is a very simple dish that is used for any emergency we need to cook quickly.


  • Estaguetis or noodles (better if fresh)
  • 150ml cream
  • 250g bacon
  • 1 or
  • Parmesan cheese


Put a pot on the fire with salt water. When boiling, add the spaghetti. If you are fresh, with 3 minutes of cooking enough. If they are dry, we need 5 to 7 minutes.

For the sauce:

While we are heating the water, put the bacon in a frying pan.

When the bacon is golden, and we remove the reserve.

Beat the eggs, cream and some Parmesan cheese powder, shake well.

In the same pan where we have the golden bacon, we do cook the sauce a few minutes, until s'espessegi. Once we are ready, we must decide if we mix the bacon, or serve part (I have a daughter that wants to separate ... so ... not ever mix as in the photo).

Just when we finish the sauce, spaghetti and must finish we strain and serve.

Bon profit.


Sautéed vegetables, mushrooms and chicken (type Wok)

This recipe is easy to make, quick and have economies of scale (it is possible for many people, investing the same time drawing).


(Serves 4)

  • 2 chicken breasts
  • 1/2 zucchini
  • 1/2 green pepper
  • 1/2 red pepper
  • 1/2 onion
  • 1/2 auberginia
  • Soy sauce
  • 2 handfuls of mushrooms


Clean the mushrooms trying not to wet them (the tail is cut and there we remove the pine needles). We can make this dish with other mushrooms, for example leg-yellow, with Pinatell, even if we Oyster mushroom forest.

Cut the vegetables into strips 1cm wide by four long (the onion a little thinner so we have time to cook).

Put the vegetables in a pan with a little oil, we add salt, pepper and herbs (if we like). The fire saltajar we live about 10 minutes. A moment before the end and add about 3 tablespoons soy sauce soup. We remove from heat.

While we vegetables, put the mushrooms in another pan with a little oil. The salt. We cover the pan and let it remove all the water they have, over low heat. When the water has evaporated, fry them a little and add the vegetables, which will be completed and we will have removed the fire.

Just before going to table, Afaf chicken breasts and cut in half lengthwise (ie, when we have four breasts thin). The salt and pepper.

In the pan of mushrooms (which have now empty) we put a little oil and a few tablespoons of soy sauce. When it is hot, we put the four pieces of breast and we cook on high heat. Are much quicker and it is important that they are not too cooked. Must be just right.

4 pieces removing the breast from the pan and cut into strips (as seen in photo), because s'arrefredin quickly. Then add to the vegetables and mushrooms, and we can go to the table.

Bon profit!