veal with mushrooms

Veal with mushrooms

This is a dish that goes well make it the day before and just prepare it a little just before serving. Ideal for when guests are allowed to be cooked in large quantities. The veal with mushrooms is a classic Catalan cuisine that can not miss in a family celebration.


(4 or 5 people)

  • Beef: Latin, is what is best for this type of roast (150g per person). That does not cut the whole need.
  • 2 onions
  • 1 tomato
  • 1/2 green pepper
  • 1 head d'alls
  • 1 dash of brandy or cognac
  • 1 stock cube of Vadella
  • 1 jar of canned mushrooms (the photo are chilly, but other times I have done with mushrooms and is just as well).
  • 4 potatoes (I usually make one medium size potato, per person)

Production of veal with mushrooms:

Roast beef:

Leagues steak with cotton thread (kitchen) so it is a piece that can then cut thin.

Once linked, we put a pot roast, along with all the vegetables, brandy and broth. Just leave out the roasted mushrooms (mushrooms and juice). Salem and pepper to taste.

Let roast beef for 1h 30 '. The turn occasionally.

The following day:

Remove the beef from the pan and disclaim. With the Latin size cold cuts cut thin slices (I do them in one millimeter). The stop on a plate.

Take the roasted head of garlic and peel the garlic.

However juice from the roasted garlic, cooked vegetable debris, water mushrooms and a mushroom (if you want) you go through the blender so that we remain a sauce.

Cut potatoes into cubes and fry in the fryer. When they are done, the salt, pepper and if we want we can add some Herbes de Provence.

Assemble the silver half hour before going to table:

In a dish going to the oven, put a few spoonfuls of sauce. Then we placed the slices of veal well placed around the silver (with a little sauce between slice and slice).

In the center of silver and put the mushrooms. We irrigate everything with sauce (better than sliced ​​tin covered and not dried beef).

We bake about half an hour ... (eye ... until we see that it is nice and the sauce is what we want). With just five minutes add the potatoes on top and keep it in the oven until they go to table.

And we veal with mushrooms ready to eat!

Bon profit!

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Veal with mushrooms
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