This is the favorite dish of my children. Now you know the fact alone, but when I asked what the recipe could not miss this blog, they all answered "macaroni !!"


  • Macaroni (1.2 kg to 6 people)
  • sausage
  • Beef burger
  • Foie gras (duck or pork)
  • Tin of canned tomatoes (uncooked)
  • Onion, a couple of cloves of garlic and green pepper.
  • 1 can cream.
  • Cheese gratin


This dish is quick to make, altogether it takes half an hour, but it must be organized well.

We begin to make the sauce: Garlic, onion and pepper, all chopped or cut small fry to put it. After 5 minutes add the meat separating it with a fork and mix it well with the sauce. After 10 minutes add the tomato. We cover it and let it cook 15 minutes. Just before the end add a culladara fat gras or some sausage, or what we look good and have in the fridge (this sauce we can do Thermomix, but vigilant not chop it all too small).

Now the dough: just as we onion and pepper before adding the meat, we can put a big fire with salt water and a tablet Avecrem. By the time you add the tomato sauce, probably we will have the water boiling pot and then add macaroni (water, of course). Cook macaroni have 8 or 9 minutes (depending on the brand of pasta).

If all we have coordinated well, finish cooking while the sauce and pasta cooció.

Ho emplatem: Strain the pasta and put it in a dish going to the oven. Add the sauce over cream and milk. We mix well. We try salt and pepper. We can add a little oregano if you want. When we have it ready and we like how it looks, I cover it with cheese and grill 2 to 3 minutes (depending on whether we like roasted roasting or less).

It's done. A table !!

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