• tataki de salmo

Salmon tataki marinated in sesame oil

Salmon Tataki is at a time and is very tasty. You can do as the picture or can be shaped dice and combine it with avocado serve as a drum. What I did last year and

  • carpaccio de leg

Prawn carpaccio with "caviar" of persimó

The shrimp carpaccio recipe is simple to make and it's very patxoca a Christmas table or any other celebration. Ingredients for Carpaccio Prawns for four people: 1

  • Rice Milanese

Rice Milanese

This is the typical recipe Risotto Milanese in which you can eat anywhere in Italy. Ingredients for the recipe of rice Milanese (4 people): Rice or the type carneroli arbo

  • sea ​​goat

Crab (Centollo) stuffed

A stuffed crab dish is impressive ... and this is an easy recipe to make it, which gives very good results. One by side, though. Ingredients for the stuffed crab: A goat

  • carpaccio of cod

Carpaccio of cod on a bed of tomato

Easy recipe that pleases everyone and is ideal for summer. INGREDIENTS: Two slices of carpaccio per person (if a starter) A very nice and big tomato olive paste DRAWING B CARPACCIO

  • Plum Crumble

Claudia Plum "Crumble"

El "crumble" no sé com es diu en Català... són aquests trossets de galeta que es veuen per sobre de la tarta (de fet, "tarta" tampoc és gaire Català). Les tartes amb crumble sempre queden boníssimes,

Baked cod skrei

The spring also bring strawberries, persimmons and apricots also brings delight as cod skrei. This is a cod comes from Norway and eaten without being previously salted and unsalted. Is


This is the recipe for the cream that you put on a cake or apple in a Swiss roll. It is much thicker than it would for the cream of St. Joseph, for example. It makes special

Swiss roll with cream

This recipe is very easy and fun to do with kids fit. The pastry cream for this recipe can be found by clicking here: custard Ingredients (without cream): 4 eggs 100g of juice

Muffins traditional Catalan

These are muffins are easier to make and boníiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissimes! Ingredients for 12 cupcakes: 420g flour 350g sugar 5 eggs 380ml olive oil 120ml milk 15g cam

Apple pie (cream, jam and apples)

This is an apple pie very easy to do though is a little long for elaboration. It has five parts: make the dough, make the compote, cream making, make apple jelly and finally put the layer

Rolls of aubergine and goat cheese

These rolls are perfect for a picnic or take them to go either invited to someone's home. It takes 10 minutes of preparation and 15 minutes of oven. Ingredients for 12 rolls: one and mass

  • sugar shells

Coca de Sucre

Also called glass cake (although the photo I were glass :-). Sugar cakes are the ideal snack for a Saturday with the kids at home. Ingredients for a 2 or 3

For bechamel cannelloni

How to make a good bechamel cannelloni appraise a well done? The bechamel sauce / bechamel (I think correctly bechamel is because it is the first documentation of a French chef named B

Soup ceba

This soup is very easy to do, which leads to make changes and making warm. Ideal for winter. Ingredients: 1 onion per person (recipe we will for four people). 2 eggs

Lemon chicken

Versió catalana del "Pollastre Pekin" dels restaurants xinesos. Boníssim, per variar de tant en tant amb gust exòtic. Ingredients: Pollastre (una contracuixa desossada per acada persona) 2 llimones. S

Melon Cream

Typical going to take a melon that has no taste at all and nobody wants dessert. Ingredients: 1 melon 1 can cream. Bits of ham Salt and pepper Preparation: We do about 10 or 12 balls

Rice Casserole

Recepta fàcil i ràpida que ens pot servir per reciclar el brou d'haver bollit alguna verdura. És una altra versió de l'"arròs de supervivència" que fem a casa. Ingredients: Arròs bomba (o carneroli) u